Value Proposition

Dollars and Sense Reasons Why You Should Choose Monfort Electronics Marketing

We have been in business since 1958 and have developed longstanding relationships with all the key players in the vertical markets we serve throughout our geographic area.

Your costs are predictable and solely tied to sales revenues.

You have no fixed pre-sales expense during the long nurturing process before an order is finally placed.  In short you pay for results, not for the effort and energies that drove those results.

You save the costs of maintaining regional offices, providing automobiles, computers and employee benefits such as Health Care etc. etc..

You get a more stable sales force, committed to staying where they are rather than moving onward and upward (based on industry resources the average duration of factory-direct salesperson is only 22 months!) While the average tenure of Monfort Electronics Marketing personnel exceeds 20 YEARS.

You avoid many of the legal exposures and expenses involved in compliance with a myriad of local laws and regulations that are unique to various markets.

You only need to train on product, not on sales technique, we know how to sell or we would not have been in business since 1958, almost 60 YEARS!

You get more “feet on the street,” including a multi-faceted, multi-skilled more experienced sales team with the technical skills and aptitude to sell complex products, both hardware and software.

Due to the breadth of our product offerings and the various channels and vertical markets we serve your products are exposed to a much broader audience. This is compounded by the fact  you get better market intelligence and better penetration with the customer’s people and departments than the single-product salesperson who might not be calling on or know the intricacies of each account and their key personnel.

A multiple-line sales call provides your customer with a systems solution, where you and the customer both benefit from the rep’s expertise in related and complementary products versus only being able to present a single solution.

With 8 outside people covering our geographic area, even if we present your products to customers on only one call out of four, you get “presented” more frequently to more people in more places, than with the 100% attention of only one salesperson. In reality, one call out of three, or even out of two, is more realistic based on the synergies of our product portfolio.

We bring VALUE to you as our Principal and more importantly to our MUTUAL CUSTOMERS based on the above facts which could easily be expanded on via further discuss, please GIVE US A CALL.